Tuesday, December 16, 2014

my everyday style: fully vested!

Vests are the perfect alternative to jackets on winter days.  They layer well, can go under a heavy winter coat… and really spruce up the whole sweater and jeans or in this case, sweatshirt and jeans combo that I tend to gravitate to each fall and winter. 

Here I paired an army inspired vest with a faux fur shawl and voila! Not only does this vest have new life… (see how I wore it here this past summer) but so does this sweatshirt (which I have worn before here).  

Maybe you've realized, or I know I've said it before, this blog is less about showing off new clothes or the new styles of the season (which I DO love to do!) and more about showing how your closet can be versatile from one week to the next or even one season to the next.  I don't believe that "fall" clothes or "winter" clothes always have to fit into that one season.  The more you can make pieces bend and stretch to your will all year long, the more wear you can get out of them.  Thus, making your entire wardrobe not only a good value or return on your money but also making your clothes a fun and rewarding part of your day.  Like I've always said: getting dressed each morning should be fun!

(photos by Jennifer Ketchum)

Faux Fur Shawl, Asos (similar, similar or similar)
Vest, Old Navy ℅ - old (similar or similar)
Jeans, AG
Boots, Sam Edelman (similar or similar or similar)
Lace Sweatshirt, LOFT (similar or similar)
Sunglasses, Warby Parker
Bracelet, Banana Republic - on sale!

Or shop the pieces below!

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