Thursday, December 4, 2014

holiday gift guide! (for the guys!)

I've got one last gift guide for you this season ladies (unless I am missing someone… is there someone I am missing?).  Today I've got gifts for all the guys in your life… gifts for your husband, uncle, grandfather, brother, boyfriend… you get the idea.  Here are the ultimate holiday gifts for the guys in your life.

I think we can all agree that often times the guys can be a little tough to buy for. They can be picky or swear they don't need anything (like my husband).  You know how it goes ladies.  I tend to go for the more practical gifts, because guys - at least the guys in my life - tend to be more of the practical variety. And hey, they may never say they need a new wallets, sneakers or hat. But you ladies know it might be JUST the thing they want!

These gift picks are just the type of things that my husband would totally dig for gifts… I'm hoping the guys in your life would love them too!

shop these pieces and more below…

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