Tuesday, October 21, 2014

dress your home/dress yourself with #targetstyle!

This blog has been a discovery of my personal style over the past 6 years… and as I've slowly honed my personal style as it relates to my clothing choices, I have also found that my personal style for my home has fallen into place as well.  

It actually came as a surprise at first that how I dress my body is also very similar to how I dress my home.  Now I am comfy cozy with the idea and wish I would have realized it sooner.  When getting dressed in the morning I go for classic pieces with great texture that mix and match easily and add in a few stripes or plaids (especially this time of year).  The same goes for my home… I like classic pieces with great texture that mix and match easily - and even at home I throw in a few stripes here and there!

Isn't that just one of the reason we all love Target so much? We can dress our homes and our selves all with one simple stop (and stock our pantry/fridge, grab a few things for the kids and a couple of cleaning supplies and call it good!).

Here I pulled together a few of my Target favorites for home and closet… and these you don't even have to leave home to shop for!

dress your home:

dress yourself:
plaid scarf, earrings, ankle boots, pleather skirt - love!, miracle gel set (have you tried these yet? I'm dying to!), faux fur vest, flannel top

This post was created in partnership with Target and Popsugar all opinions are my own.

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