Monday, September 8, 2014

how do you feel about the "athleisure" trend?

The athleisure trend is one that has been on the brink of emerging for years now… think the Juicy Couture sweatsuits that Oprah raved about, or the hundred dollar yoga pants that women swore they could wear to the office because they fit so well when Lululemon first launched.  I've never seemed to really subscribe to those notions.  Work out apparel is for the gym, not for days when I don't feel like getting dressed.

But lately the athleisure trend has really morphed into something different.  Leggings with cozy sweaters is kind of my jam… but tanks and compression pants for everyday wear isn't.  But now the line between those two ends of the spectrum has really blurred.  Absolutely stunning pieces is are now being introduced into the market as "athletic wear" so it's no surprise ladies are saying that they don't just want to wear those pieces for working out.  What do you think of this trend? Do you subscribe to the athleisure trend? Do you still think work out clothes are for the gym or can you see wearing them everyday too?

My opinion is that if you take the athleisure trend seriously and dress that way for day time that is fine… but leave the sweaty yoga pants at home after gym class. (although I do admit the other day I ran errands in my gym clothes because I had such a busy day).  Hey, rules are meant to be broken, right!?!

So I would love to hear your thoughts on this trend!  

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