Wednesday, July 30, 2014

what to pack: family vacation!

In all honesty, this is the time of year that I start getting excited for fall a little… new clothes, school starts, football… you know what I mean.  But the fact is that there is still PLENTY of summer left to live.  And in my opinion, August can be one of the best months to plan family vacations.  It's time to make sure we wring every last bit of fun out of the summer.  Wouldn't you agree?

Whether it's is a road trip to a few towns over, to visit friends and family or a full blown family vacation to locations far and wide - packing is a snap with these family vacation packing tips.  I like to go for a neutral palette or to choose two or three colors to base the packing list from.  This makes mixing and matching these versatile pieces a snap - that way you don't have to carry your entire closet across the country.  I try to pack as lightly as possible and so I try to get creative with how I pair pieces throughout the vacation.  Having simple pieces makes this process a whole lot easier.

Here I suggest some grey, black and denim pieces as the foundation of the outfits.  Then I add in a little camo (how amazing is this jacket?) and a fun pattern (in the scarf) and a little color (in the striped top) to keep the looks interesting.  I like to have a few dresses on hand that can be dressed up or down - or even thrown over a swimsuit.  In addition I always find a jacket and jeans to be perfect for cool evenings or mornings and sneakers and a large tote necessary for daytime activities. Minimal jewelry like a necklace and a bracelet are great to dress up any look as needed and can be packed easier than a ton of extra baubles.

Are you headed out on vacation soon? What additional packing questions do you have? 

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