Monday, July 21, 2014

personal style: find yours (featuring Robin Long and what to wear to BlogHer)!

Last month I re-launched my wardrobe consultation services in conjunction with a new series here on the blog all about finding your personal style. This month I am featuring one of my awesome clients to maybe give you some inspiration and also to show you how the process works!

Robin Long runs the Pilates lifestyle blog The Balanced Life.  I am a HUGE fan of her work (and her workouts!) and when she came to me for style inspiration I was thrilled to work with her.  Robin is heading to BlogHer this weekend and she asked what likely a lot of other bloggers ask when they get set to go to conferences.  The dreaded "what to wear to BlogHer!?!?" problem!  She wanted looks that reflected her blogger/mother/Pilates instructor/business woman lifestyle and that can be difficult especially when your work uniform is fitness clothes and you have to make the jump to "regular" clothes.

For Robin I worked to choose pieces that fit her stated boho/preppy style with the requirement of comfortable shoes and then split those outfits into day looks and then night looks.  When packing for blogging conferences you want clear outfits laid out for each day and night (usually conference events call for an outfit change) and have those outfits semi set in stone because you will be so busy learning, meeting and networking the last thing you want to think about is clothes.  It's important not to go overboard or over think dressing for a conference.  Wear clothes that feel good to you and are a good reflection of you and you will look great!  (Please note I usually do not put wardrobe consults on the blog, but Robin agreed to it - thanks Robin!)

Here are her "day" looks:

And here are her "night" looks:

Have a great BlogHer trip Robin!!! Be sure to check out her blog The Balanced Life - her workouts are awesome and her blog is so down to Earth and real.  You feel like you are chatting or working out with a girlfriend!

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