Friday, June 20, 2014

obsessed with: zip pouches!

I am a sucker for organization. In my house everything has to have a place. Especially when it comes to my clothes and beauty products.  If everything doesn't have a place I find it gets mis-placed… 

This desire for organization has made me mildly obsessed with zip pouches.  I have one in my purse, three in my pool bag and when I am traveling I carry about 10 different ones (they are good to hold chargers and cords, travel paperwork and of course beauty supplies).  These are the ways I most commonly pack my zip pouches… always one in my purse with lip gloss, lotion and a nail file, when I travel I always carry a few nail supplies with me, and then I have one for my everyday makeup needs if I have a busy day away from the house or of course, if I'm traveling.

in my purse for on the go beauty: 

for nail necessities on a weekend getaway:

to stash your daily beauty basics:

see you around...

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