Thursday, June 5, 2014

my everyday style: jeans in the summer!

Confession: I still love wearing jeans in the summer!  I do… call me crazy.  Of course, not for days that I am outside all day or working in the garden or hanging with the kids.  But days that I will be running errands and in and out of a/c all day or nights when I head out without kids for dinner, etc.  It almost seems like a little treat to have my legs covered all day… you know?

Here jeans and sandals seemed like the perfect match with this laid back linen tank. So am I the only crazy one that still pulls out the denim from time to time in the summer?

Tank, Madewell - on sale! (similar less expensive or similar with sleeves and SO cute!)
Jeans, Gap - back in stock!! So many of you asked about these and they are back! Yay!
Bracelet, Towne & Reese - ℅ old (similar)
Clutch, J.Crew Factory (similar)
Sandals, J.Crew - on sale! (similar or similar less expensive)

see you around...

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