Friday, March 14, 2014

spring trends 2014: beauty!

This post is going to wrap up my spring trends series… we have covered so many great trends, styling tips and budget finds over the past two weeks!  To see all of the posts… click here.

Today we are going to cover beauty… I will be honest, these are less "spring beauty trends" and more "spring beauty goals" for me or products I have been wanting to try.  I am no beauty blogger, but I do love to share products I love or that pique my interest.

This spring I really want to go for a less is more/super laid back approach to beauty… which for the most part is what I already do, but I'd like to hone in on a few more products that can help make my morning routine easier and of course prettier.  What gal doesn't want to fall in love with what is looking back at her in the mirror!?!

Tory Burch scent, I'm eager to try this as my spring scent… has anyone tried it? Loved it?

Bronze Glow, it's time to get some sun on our skin ladies!

Suncare, but not too much sun… amiright?

Bobbi Brown set in Pretty Pink… a few of my makeup pieces need updating and I love that this set makes it easy to know what goes with what (since I'm not a natural in the beauty department).  Plus, I love the light pinks and peaches… simple and beautiful.

Essie Spring colors "Fashion Playground" and "Spin the Bottle"… I always love the new Essie colors each season - these two are so soft and pretty.  I think they would make for a great spring mani/pedi session.

I'm still trying the no heat (except blow drying) on my hair. It's so easy to ditch the flattener and curling iron (except for special ocassions). But without the extra heat comes extra frizz and I feel like I am still fine tuning the processing.  Spring brings humidity (more frizz) and I am getting nervous!

Living Proof "No Frizz" Set… I've been wanting to splurge on these, have you tried them? Are they really as magical as the price would imply?  I could use as much frizz protection as possible!

Dry Bar Blow Dryer… my stylist says that a good blow dryer really makes a difference. And since I'm still using a $25 one from 10 years ago it's definitely time for an upgrade.  I love the Dry Bar, but let me know if you have another blow dryer you love, I would love to know!

Bumble & Bumble City Swept… another product I want to try for spring, looks like it will be a great finishing product.


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