Tuesday, March 25, 2014

my everyday style: neutral for miles!

With a winter that absolutely won't quit I've had no choice but to turn to neutrals and basics again and again.  I'm on a neutral kick as it is and while I'd love to bring a little color or pizazz into my March outfits it almost seems garish to be wearing color and anything closely resembling spring when the temps are still freezing, snow is still in the forecast and covering the ground.

Chambray, navy, black, jeans, jeans and more jeans, a dash of leopard… these seem to be all I can muster in the wardrobe department these days.  But I don't think it's a bad thing necessarily. I've been able to go into the depths of my wardrobe and not be disappointed with what I am putting together, even though it's not very spring-y (which, let's face it… we all are eagerly awaiting pulling out the spring duds).  And that my friends is why a well stocked wardrobe with plenty of neutrals works so well for me (and maybe for you too).  When the weather is crazy and winter won't end… and least there is a another sweater and jeans combo I haven't worn yet.

I will say though that now that the snow isn't covering walkways and parking lots… the flats have come out in full force.  Another day in snow boots and I might cry.

Coat, Old Navy - ℅
Sweater, J.Crew (old, but similar or similar)
Jeans, Gap - can't stop wearing these!
Bag, J.Crew (old, but similar or similar)
Shoes, Piperlime (love this similar pair too!)
Sunglasses, Ray Ban

see you around...

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