Thursday, February 6, 2014

my everyday style: bold winter!

Take that winter. A touch of neon, a pair of white jeans… heck I even put earrings on!  I will admit there has been some serious leggings and boring winter sweater action going on lately.  Between sick kids and snow days there hasn't been a lot of reason to get dressed.  And even though yesterday I was home with both (one kid sick, the other kid on a snow day) the sun came out in the afternoon and all of a sudden everything seemed right in the world.  And I figured I should probably get dressed (it had been a few days) and order some pizza for dinner (what, that's not how you celebrate a sunny day?) and finally pick up some bread, milk and bananas from the grocery (why are we eternally out of those three staples?).

Now that is one glamorous way to spend an afternoon!  How do you stick it to old man winter? I would love your tips… we still have quite a few weeks to go...

Earrings, J.Crew (similar, expensive or similar, steal)
Sweater, Gap (similar, expensive or similar, steal)
Coat, H&M - ℅ (similar or not similar but SO SO CUTE!)
Boots, Hunter (select colors on sale!)
Bag, Kate Spade (love this similar option)
Sunglasses, Ray Ban
see you around...

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