Friday, February 21, 2014

16 no-fail beauty products!

I'm a beauty junkie like a lot of ladies are… I love to try the latest and the greatest potions, lotions, makeup etc.  Sometimes I try a new product and love it and sometimes I just don't.   That is the risk of trying something new.  So that is why I keep a strong core of beauty products on hand that are no fail without question.  Because if you try a new mascara (toner, hand lotion, etc, etc) and don't like it… you need a plan B. Am I right?

Even when I go out on a limb and try a new product or two… these are the sweet 16 that I always come back to.  These aren't products I just tried yesterday and love… these are products I always keep on hand and always end up going back to time and time again.  

Are you a beauty junkie like me? Do you have a few products that you always end back up with?  Do tell!

Stila Lip Glaze… I have a few on hand at all times, they are hands down my favorite lip glosses.

Cover Girl Mascara "in the orange bottle"… if any one asks me what kind I use I just say… "in the orange bottle". I love this stuff it goes on thick and smooth and is $8, I feel like I try other ones and they just don't stack up.

Dr. Jart's BB Cream… every day this goes on the face. Feels great, looks great and has SPF.  Plus just a little dab-will-do.

Dr. Bronners Lavender Body Soap… I love the scent and bubbly softness of this soap. It's another I use everyday without fail (my husband likes the invigorating Peppermint) and I use it to shave my legs too because I have sensitive skin. I can't imagine a world without Dr. Bronners.

Minted Rose Lip Balm… I have chaaaaapped lips in the winter.  This stuff is always in my purse and next to my bed. I even slather it on the kids if they let me.

Jouer Luminizing Moisturizer… this goes over the BB cream (that is over my daily moisturizer) and it finishes the skin off with a little coverage and a lot of dewey goodness.  I wear this combo all four seasons and love the look and the SPF qualities.

Eyelash Curler… don't leave the house without curling your eyelashes. I'm serious. It takes three seconds and makes your mascara go on so much smoother.  Take my word for it.

Bag Balm… this is a mainstay in our house and someone is always looking for it… "where's the bag balm?" So I keep one upstairs and one downstairs.  For chapped lips or especially this time of year chapped cheeks and chins from the cold and snow for my kiddos, this gets slathered on dry skin endlessly.

NARS "Orgasm" Blush… I've said it a million times and I'll say it a million more. This is the best blush!

Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner… I use (almost) exclusively Arbonne products on my face because my skin really reacts well to them. But this toner is the bomb. I use it everyday (sometimes twice). It has a fresh scent and leaves my skin feeling great.

Aveda Air Control Hair Spary… this hairspray is the best, it's soft but holds and has a really great scent. It's perfect for 2nd day hair too because it's lightweight and again, that scent makes it smell so good!  It's not cheap, but I find that a bottle lasts me quite a while.

Mario Badescu Hand Cream… this is the stuff for dry hands right here.  I use this constantly… right after I get dressed and right before bed specifically.

Essie Nail Colors "Ballet Slipper" and "Carry On"… both of these are my go to colors for fingers AND toes.  I absolutely love them.

Essie Cuticle Oil… my hands are so dry that cuticle oil is absolutely necessary.  If I put it on in the morning it pretty much lasts all day.  This stuff is a God-send.

Origins Checks & Balances Face Wash… again, I am an Arbonne fanatic but this stuff is so minty and foamy I do love to sneak it in now and then.  It's been a favorite for years.

Okay, now I want to hear your favorites!

see you around...

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LAURA HOLT said...

I couldn't agree more about dr bronner's lavender body wash & essie's ballet slippers ('delicacy' is another great neutral pink)! I use Dr Jart's gold BB & LOVE it!!! A few of my staples: 1.Fresh's sugar lip treatment: best conditioning lip balm ever! 2.Buxom lip polish in celeste is super shiny/minty/lovely. 3.Savannah Bee Company beeswax hand and nail salve: all natural ingredients & super duper conditioning. **I'm in search of a holy grail eye cream for light wrinkles/brightening...recommendations welcome!**


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