Friday, January 10, 2014

Elements of Style v.10!

I personally have three simple elements (or tricks!) to a simple but beautiful outfit. I call them them my 'elements of style'. They are something casual, something neutral and something dressy. These three elements combined are my fail-safe for outfits that are easy to put together and that look and feel feminine and relaxed.

I have a few slight obsessions lately and I conveniently was able to cram them all in one outfit here.  I'm back on the distressed denim cycle (wait, was I ever off?), sweatshirts I could wear everyday and fur collars are my new favorite.  Plus, have you seen this new line of Coach bags? So simple and classic (unfortunately, not so inexpensive)...

All together they make a great winter time look that is cozy and stylish and super chill, because when it's so cold my clothes can't be fussy!  I hope you have a great weekend... make it a stylish one!

see you around...

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