Monday, December 23, 2013

my everyday style: a winter blazer!

I'm still up to my usual tricks of trying to evade wearing a winter coat when I can... and luckily this blazer is super warm and a bit longer than the other blazers I own. So it works. (just barely)

Funny story, I went to get dressed having already picked out this outfit and when I put my chambray shirt on I heard a "riiiippppp". Dread!  My beloved chambray shirt ripped at the armpit about two inches long.  I went to pull out my sewing kit to fix it (oh yes, I wasn't going down without a fight!) and realized upon closer inspection that the several spots on the shirt were completely threadbare. More dread! It wasn't fixable.

Thankfully I had a spare chambray shirt... which means I need to order another stat. Because really, I can't be without one... so I definitely need a spare and soon!  The beloved (R.I.P.) chambray was officially retired.  I had purchased it about two years ago and the amount of washes and wear it got was innumerable.  So I feel okay about letting it go (at least a little).  But I realized, I would rather invest in clothes I love and have them literally wear out for use than get sick of them and send them to an early demise via Goodwill.  You know?  Another, albeit sad, reminder to always buy - and wear - what you absolutely love and can't live without.  Leave the rest behind!

Have you ever had a favorite piece meet it's death? You can likely feel my pain then!

Blazer, Boden (c/o) - on sale!
Chambray Top, J.Crew - 30% off!
Jeans, Old Navy (c/o)
Boots, Sole Society - "Carolyn"
Bag, J.Crew (similar)
Sunglasses, Ray Ban
Earrings, Francesca's

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