Friday, December 27, 2013

after Christmas sales... you in? (+ 6 tips for shopping the sale racks safely!)

Every year I debate whether to take the plunge on the after Christmas sales and every year I give in. Why do I even debate it any more!?!  Let's all admit it, after a month of shopping for everyone else it is quite nice to finally splurge on a little something for ourselves... isn't it? And really, the prices can't be beat!

When shopping the sales it is important to stay sane - and by that remember these few important tips:

  • Do you love it or need it? Does it fit your current style or has it been on your wishlist for a while? - go for it!
  • Is it a splurge piece that you had your eye on and that is now marked down and is FINALLY marked at a price that goes with your budget - go for it! 
  • Is it a quality investment piece at an unbeatable price that you know you will love for years to come? - go for it!
  • Is is a sweater for $10 and the price can't be beat so you buy one in every color? - slow down lady! (quick name three outfits you will wear this piece with or double or triple that you have permission to buy one in two colors)
  • Are you buying the price instead of the piece? Meaning are you saying "This price is amazing!" before you are saying "I love it!"- slow down lady! (Try sleeping on it... if you forget about it before you leave the mall, you are better without it!)
  • Are you spending money you don't have? - slow down lady! (there will be more sales, don't pressure your wallet for a sale!)
puffer coat (J.Crew is 40% off sale!)
necklace (Banana Republic is 40% off your purchase + 10% more off if you are a cardholder)
sweater (J.Crew is 40% off sale!)
boots (Gap is 30% off sale!)
bag (Banana Republic is 40% off your purchase + 10% more off if you are a cardholder)
flats (J.Crew is 40% off sale!)
leather gloves (J.Crew is 40% off sale!)

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