Friday, November 8, 2013

a classic: the navy blazer!

A reader recently asked if I could do a post on what to wear with a navy blazer. My answer is what can't you wear with a navy blazer? Really! The options are endless.

I rely heavily on blazers and fitted jackets in my wardrobe for taking an outfit to the next level.  But if you haven't done this in the past and would like to try it out - a navy blazer is a great place to start!  Navy blazers are neutral and classic which make them easy to mix and match into your existing wardrobe.

Consider this  post "Navy Blazers 101" if you will.  I love to pair navy with black lately... it's a sophisticated look that is great for evening or work wear.  Or a navy blazer will go well with cords & jeans this fall.  Try experimenting with neutrals or brights with your navy blazer - have some fun! Here I chose a few different styles of navy blazers, but whatever style you choose, any of these outfits would work with it.

Tell everyone in the comments how you like to wear your navy blazers... I would love to hear!

see you around...

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