Monday, October 14, 2013

sweatshirt style | three ways.

I am continually learning about my own personal style and personal style in general.  If you think I've got style figured out because I have a blog... you're dead wrong. I'm just working to figure it out here on a daily basis.  Thankfully this is a great place to hone my skills.

Recently I picked a "certain" sweater out of my closet and went to pair it with it's "usual" sidekicks - jeans, boots, chambray, whatever.  But then I had a moment of clarity and asked myself, what is an "unusual" pairing for this sweater? What is different? What is the one thing I wouldn't usually pair this with? The answer wasn't the usual denim and boots.  And I really liked the outcome.

So my question today is do you pigeon hole items in your closet like me? Do you have a set of made up rules that type A clothes can only be paired with type A clothes and the like? I realized I have these "rules" that I don't know the cause or origin of.

Take this sweatshirt for instance, I absolutely love it. And right off the bat I realized that I would likely "pigeon hole" it to skinny jeans and flats or skinny jeans and boots - which is a great combo, don't get me wrong.  But here I tried to mix it up a bit with different types of looks.  I'm slowly working on breaking - or even forgetting - the rules (in all the right ways) with my closet. Are you?

For the look above I wanted a fun look I would wear out to dinner or out with friends for an evening.  Usually I wouldn't choose a sweatshirt for that type of outing, but with this look it totally works! 
(above: jeans, sweatshirt, heels - cheaper version, earrings, bag - this my bag of the moment! gorgeous!, watch)

It's a given that this sweatshirt would be perfect for a cozy fall winter day... above I went full out weekend wear with a comfy hat, moccasins and a tote.  This would be a great soccer-mom look (which is what I happen to be doing most weekends!).

In this last look I elevated the style with some layers and ultra-refined accessories like a gorgeous handbag and flats. This is PTA-meeting-lunch-with-friends-book-club-that-evening ready.

Would you agree that all three of these looks break the sweatshirt out of the jeans/boots/flats look? (which would also look fab!)  Also, ending today this gorgeous sweatshirt and SO many other goodies are all 50% off in the J.Crew Factory sale!  Bonus!  Go forth and shop!

see you around...

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