Tuesday, September 10, 2013

style icon: french women!

I really like the idea of these "style icon" posts... it's fun to pull together the inspiration and then break the looks down to individual pieces that really give life to the inspiration.  I am obsessed with French women's style... I always have been and as I age (hopefully) gracefully I continue to look to their style for inspiration.  It's effortless, it's with out flash and flare and it's always, always beautiful.  But have you ever really truly asked yourself how you can dress like a French woman? If you have (or haven't)... here are my tips!

The thing I notice about how French women choose their clothes is that they seem to rely on subtle beauty... a gorgeous fit, a high quality piece, an amazing shoe and the like instead of the pieces that garner instant attention like color and pattern and trends.  They go under the radar, so to say, with their beauty that ultimately gives them a grace and confidence that American women don't always naturally strive for.  They look confident because they don't care if they are noticed.  That to me is how I want to dress today and forever... if it were only as easy as they make it look!

Here I chose a few items that will be beautiful and functional in any closet and give off an air of sophisticated and confidence that those French women seem to exude!

see you around...

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