Thursday, August 1, 2013

what to pack: cool weather vacation!

A few readers have emailed me or commented lately that they are taking a vacation to a cooler climate this summer. Places like the mountains or San Francisco are super fun places to visit in the summer... but you likely aren't going to be spending your trip in tanks and swimsuits like other more typical summer vacations.

Lots of layers and super versatile pieces will help keep you comfortable and stylish for your entire trip.  Here I pulled together the ideal cool weather vacation wear.  Whenever I pull together packing lists for myself or here on the blog I always try to center the list around 2-3 main colors.  It offers a cohesive feel to the items and helps to minimize the amount of items you pack so that you can mix and match easily.  Since we live in such a "carry-on" travel culture these days, packing around a few colors can keep your suitcase light and small and your "what to wear" decisions to a minimum each morning.

Here I pulled together pieces that are white/grey/blue... I love the way these colors offer a cool and calming palette while being ultra versatile at the same time.

patterned maxi dress, perfect for layering during the day or dressing up for the evening
denim jacket, you can wear this with just about every piece here, a denim jacket is the perfect balance between structured and relaxed
striped scarf, I often find that a scarf can warm me up very quickly, this one is perfect for cool mornings
boyfriend sweater, throw this on over a tee or dress it up with jeans and flats for a night out
dark denim, my secret when traveling - dark denim doesn't show stains and looks dressier than it often feels
white field jacket, ultra versatile and an extra layer when you need it
striped maxi, perfect for cool or warm days this pairs well with chambray for a relaxed and comfortable but un-touristy outfit
boyfriend shorts, I'm addicted to these this summer, the ultimate in style and comfort
white tee, so easy to wear and dress up or down - a key piece when traveling
grey tote, I tend to want to carry tons of stuff with me when playing tourist, this gorgeous bag will hold it all!
flats, perfect for day and night and lots of walking
flip flops, casual and easy and also ideal for walking
earrings, lately when I travel I just bring one or two pieces of jewelry that I love... so much easier to keep track of! these earring will dress up any look.
polka dot tee, a fun and casual tee like this is great to wear with shorts or jeans depending on your mood or the weather
chambray top, I don't ever leave home without mine! It goes with everything! This would be cute layered over the maxi dress for cool temps also!
bar necklace, a simple but beautiful piece to wear everyday when traveling!

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