Monday, August 26, 2013

6 ways to bring key summer pieces into fall!

With September just around the corner (next week!?!?) it's time to not only turn our attention to fall fashion, but more importantly into transitioning to fall fashion.  Since the weather doesn't (usually) change overnight there will still be many days where the perfect mix of summer and fall will be needed in our outfits.

Here I have three super simple tips on how to bring our absolute favorite summer pieces into fall to help stretch our fall shopping budget and get the most out of our wardrobes!

 Tip #1: Layer, layer, layer! Take your summer pieces and layer them under snazzy new fall pieces this season. Shed your layers as you need throughout the day to stay cool/warm and stylish!
Tip #2: Can't say goodbye to those summer sandals yet? Pair them with denim and cozy fall layers with a nice fall pedicure and those sandals can stick it out through September no problem!

Tip #3: Layer your favorite summer peplum tops or blouses under a blazer for the perfect summer to fall look!
Tip #4: Bring your summer brights into fall by toning them down with simple neutrals!
(get the look above: jeansearrings, peplum blouse, blazer, clutch, shoes)

Tip #5: Recycle basics like shorts and tees by simply layering warmer pieces over top of them!
Tip #6: Don't ditch your white summer sneakers yet... pair them with a rich red lip and neutral accessories to help them fit right in for fall.

see you around...

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