Wednesday, July 24, 2013

what to pack: Chicago!

This is my birthday month... or more practically speaking, my birthday week.  Yes, I used to celebrate for about a whole month, but then my daughter was born in July, so now the first part of the month is prepping for her big celebration and the second half is prepping for mine!

This year I knew I wanted a little trip to celebrate and while my husband and I went round and round on location and details (Paris? Mexico? Closer to home?) we settled on Chicago.  I am originally from the Chicago area so sometimes the trip can seem a little ho-hum. But my husband and I haven't been there together for a weekend in years and it's something we used to do often together but have missed.  Plus, this trip we are doing things that we have NEVER done in the city before (or at least haven't done in a really, really long time!).  So while it's a familiar locale, it will be a completely novel trip.

We are starting by taking the train instead of driving... the Amtrak is so relaxing and easy without the hassle of parking a car in the city.  We are staying at a swanky and super old-school Chicago hotel that I can't wait to check into - with a lake view!  We have reservations at three amazing restaurants for the weekend: Girl and the Goat (so hard to get into! I made the reservations months ago), Japonais (a referral from a friend) and Nellcote for brunch (a suggestion from my Twitter followers - thanks gals!).

Other activities will include an architectural tour of Chicago by boat (I can't believe I've never taken one of those, especially since it's my favorite scene from My Best Friends Wedding - who's with me?), the Art Institute where I haven't been since high school, some time spent on the lakeshore and of course some shopping.  Also I hear it's the Venetian Festival this weekend, another amazing Chicago event I haven't been to since high school. It's going to be a busy and fun trip!

My packing list includes super neutral pieces to be mixed and matched depending on the weather and activities... the weather is supposed to be quite mild and evenings may be chilly, so I want to make sure I have a little of everything.   What are some other not-to miss things in Chicago that I may be missing?

see you around...

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Brittany PC said...

Another good breakfast place I tried when I was last in Chicago was The Yolk.


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