Monday, June 24, 2013

what to pack: beach week!

It's that time again... time for our family's (almost) annual trip to the beach for the week.  Living in West Michigan we are SO incredibly lucky to have the Great Lakes surrounding us.  For the last few years we have headed out to stay at the beach for a week and even though it's only 35 minutes away from home it feels like we are a million miles away.  If you have never experienced Lake Michigan before in your lifetime you absolutely must... you wouldn't believe that all this beauty and fun is hiding right in the middle of the same state that has such nasty winters. (if THIS or THIS doesn't make you want to head to the beach... I don't know what will!)

We rented a condo with our friends from Seattle and we plan on spending an inordinate amount of time at the beach, lots of time catching up, grilling out and imbibing cocktails, indulging in lots of ice cream, letting the kids run wild and in general just letting our hair down for a week.  I could really use it right about now!

My packing plan is light and simple... a few dresses, shorts, and tees, a little jacket if the evenings get cool and a bathing suit (or four).  As I usually do, I pick a color or two to base my packing list around. This time it is yellow & pink. I find that basing my packing on two colors + neutrals helps me minimize the amount of pieces I take and makes dressing easier when I arrive - everything matches!

1. hat - an absolute must for shading my face
2. linen sweater - this is super light weight for early mornings at the farmers market or evenings on the patio
3. striped dress - a perfect cover up or after-sun dress
4. neon shorts - looks good with a tan! (wink, wink)
5. "ice cream" tote - a tote for all the sunscreen and magazines is a must!
6. sandals - I love these simple sandals!
7. striped top - I can't leave home without at least one striped top!
8. tank - perfect for throwing over a swim suit!
9. & 13. swim top & bottom - I love this pattern!
10. sunglasses - I plan on wearing these every waking moment!
11. white denim jacket - I forgot I had this and "found" it in my closet, can't wait to wear it for cool evenings!
12. denim shorts - these might just get worn every day!
14. sperry topsiders - perfect for evening walks!
15. simple dress - in case we decide to head out to dinner one night.

see you around...

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