Tuesday, June 4, 2013

summer in black and white!

I love to keep color trends in mind while planning outfits because I believe it's one of the easiest ways to get dressed in the morning.  Thinking of a whole outfit to wear can be daunting... however choosing one specific color (or two) and basing an outfit off of that idea can be much easier for me to pull together.

Black and white is a combo that keeps catching my eye lately.  And really, how easy is this combo? Chances are you already have plenty of black and white in your closet.  Pairing these two colors together is ultra bold for a little time investment.  To add interest to your black and white ensembles add  a pop of color or add textural interest with accessories.

If you are looking to add some new black and white pieces to your wardrobe this summer I pulled together some of my favorites!  The good news? All of these pieces (except the tote, which I am so enamored with) are under $100.  No need to break the bank when wearing this trend!

see you around...

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