Friday, May 3, 2013

elements of style!

I search out inspiration for my own wardrobe any where I can. I find the most inspiration from blogs, magazines, Pinterest and the J.Crew catalog (mine are full of dog-earred pages). And lately I have noticed that I am most draw to outfits that have three key elements.  I have learned that identifying these three elements makes getting dressed easier on most days and while I don't employ the 'elements of style' rigourously, they are nice to fall back on in a time of need.

Deciding on three key elements of design isn't anything new, I've long used this philosophy for decorating my home.  Of course, the elements change and evolve as my style and needs change and evolve, both for my home and my wardrobe.  But it's a simple way to boil down style in a stop-on-a-dime way. It

For me, the key to a look that fits my style of classic, comfortable and feminine has come down to the following elements: casual, neutral and dressy.  For me it's the perfect ying and yang for my desire to be both stylish and comfortable and practical as a busy mom.

If you had to define your personal style in three words what would it be?
What about the elements of that style? I would love to hear!

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