Thursday, May 2, 2013

April... the damage.

Lately I have been pausing at the end of each month to take note of my shopping for the previous month. Each month my target budget is $300 for clothing. For some this may seem like a lot and for others, not that much at all. For me it feels just right. Shopping budgets are a personal thing, but I share mine here to show how you can stretch or not your dollars to create a versatile wardrobe.

This past month I did a little "stock up" at the J.Crew Outlet while on vacation and also checked off a "want" of colored jeans from my wish list as well as picking up a few other pieces along the way.  Let's take a look at the damage...

Asos, Swing Dress... $29.93
Gap, Skimmer Jean in Neon Flamingo... $69.95 at 30% off, $48.96
Old Navy, White Oxford... $24.94 with discount/coupon, $16.05
J.Crew Outlet, Navy Maxi Dress... $78 with promotion, $54.60
Gap, Skimmer Jean in Neon Pink... $69.95 at 30% off, $48.96
J.Crew Outlet, Bandana Tank... $32.50 with promotion, $22.75
J.Crew Outlet, Orange Eyelet Tank... $36.50 with promotion, $25.55 (not shown, not online)
J.Crew Outlet, Linen City Mini... $59.50 with promotion, $41.65

I also got two new handbags at the Kate Spade outlet as my "Mothers Day gift" those are not included in my budget.

Total spent: $288.45  (Total saved: $112.82)

Thoughts on the budget:
The money seemed to go fast this month! But doesn't it always? I feel really good about the pieces I purchased and what I paid for them and was pleased that I was right on budget.  I will admit that there were A LOT of other pieces I wanted to snag this month, but held back.  But that is exactly the job of a budget, reining us in when we need it. And I definitely needed it this month.

Thoughts on the pieces:
The J.Crew outlet pieces are beautiful and versatile.  I could have gone nuts in that store (love the outlet!) but instead I focused on pieces that would work for both spring and summer.  I am always pleased by the quality there - these pieces are JUST as high quality as the regular J.Crew store. It was funny because I only bought navy & orange pieces and the lady who rang me up was looking amazing in a navy and orange outfit... we got a giggle that we loved these colors together!  Little things like that always confirm my purchases.  The colored jeans I hemmed and hawed about, if you follow me on Instagram I originally tried on the peach, pink, lavender and yellow. I seriously wanted ALL of them (I had a hard time holding back this month!). In the end I came home with the pink, peach AND yellow, but sent the yellow back. Restraint!  The white oxford is to replace a white button up in my closet that was getting old and the black dress from this post was IRRESISTIBLE at that price!

see you around...

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