Monday, April 1, 2013

March... the DAMAGE!

Lately I have been pausing at the end of each month to take note of my shopping for the previous month.  Each month my target budget is $300 for clothing.  For some this may seem like a lot and for others, not that much at all. For me it feels just right. Shopping budgets are a personal thing, but I share mine here to show how you can stretch or not your dollars to create a versatile wardrobe.

This past month (I realize it's April already!) I didn't do as much shopping for myself which wasn't necessarily intentional. In order to prep for our family spring break trip a lot of my energy was focused on shopping for the kids.  I usually do a one-for-you-one-for-me when I shop for the kids (I admit it!) because I shop for myself at Target, Old Navy and Gap and that is also where I shop for the kids. But this month it just didn't work out that way for some reason.

Gap, Navy Shrunken Blazer... $88 at 40% off was $52.80
Gap, Floral Button Front Top... $54.95 at 40% off was $32.97
Old Navy, Ombre Scarf... $16.94 at 20% off was $13.55
Piperlime, Nine West Sandals... $59 at 30% off was $43.37
Old Navy, Tortoise Sandals... $12.94 at 20% off was $10.35

Total Spent: $153.04 (total saved: $78.79)

Some thoughts on the budget: Being under budget is fab!  Right!? Yes, it is and I will also say there were moments towards the end of March when I knew I was going to be under budget and I felt the urge to "just go buy some crap!" - but resisted.  So this month was a lesson in restraint of not just fulfilling the budget for the sake of it.  Also, last month I was OVER budget. So everything evens out in the end.

I took advantage of Gaps Friends and Family and a lot of other promotions that the Gap/Old Navy/Piperlime brands were having and other card promotions (we are Banana Republic card holders, I only suggest credit cards if you pay them off in full at the end of the month, otherwise, avoid them - my two cents) and ended up saving quite a bit of moo-lah.

Some thoughts on the pieces:  The navy blazer is to replace (sort of) my existing navy blazer that is lighter weight and also getting up there in years.  The sandals were to boost up my stock as I find at the end of a summer season I have to toss a few pairs of sandals - my summer sandals get SO worn out and dirty each year.  The floral top I wasn't totally into and then I tried it on and it was love.  The ombre scarf is amazing in person, it's huge and looks almost hand painted.  So a few of the items were to fill gaps in my wardrobe and the other items were items I fell in love with along the way.

I will say that I have been looking for a new maxi dress, a few new pairs of pastel jeans and some tanks/tees for spring that I haven't found yet. I've tried a bunch of stuff on this month, maybe I was just extra picky!?!

So thoughts on this month? As much as I love to shop I just wasn't really feeling it - do you ever have those months? Or maybe I was just "shopped out" from shopping for my kids which is always fun... do you shop for other family members and find that you have less time/energy to focus on yourself?

Remember to always shop responsibly!

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