Wednesday, March 27, 2013

my beauty essentials!

Here are my beauty essentials these days... just a few items that I love and can't live without!  Many of these I discovered in my Birchbox over the past months... I'm not a whiz with beauty stuff, I definitely need guidance and help. That is why I love Birchbox, it introduces me to really great products that I wouldn't have otherwise tried.  Just what my beauty-shy self needs to step out of the box!

benefit "it's potent" eye cream... eye cream is my secret weapon against aging. this formula is creamy and soft and goes on easy in one swipe.

stila luminzer... I use this to highlight my cheekbones and a little under my eyebrow to brighten my face.

yes to carrots grapefruit face scrub... color correcting seems to be the new trend in skin care (sign me up!). I use this scrub each morning and it works great and smells amazing!

tresemme split remedy shampoo & conditioner... I was recently raving about this on instagram, it really does work for growing your hair out long.

cover girl lash blast mascara... this is the "cheap" stuff, but it's GOOD!

long bobby pins... I love these for holding back my (still growing out) bangs. I love this color, as it matches my hair color better than the standard black bobbies.

dove dry shampoo... I feel like I've tried a MILLION dry shampoos, this one has a great price and not too strong of a smell.

aveda air control... this has long been my favorite hairspray, but I recently started spraying my daughters hair with just a little each morning and it keeps it smelling fresh and pretty all day (how come little kids hair gets smelly at school? Sweat? those little rascals...)

my favorite essie colors this spring "meet me at sunset", "secret story", and "snap happy"... none of them are new colors, I just find myself drawn to reds, pinks and oranges.

cologne of choice these days in our house: his & hers. Sometimes I want to steal his, but otherwise I'm wearing my standard Atelier "Vanille". I don't know if I will ever get sick of this scent!


What are your beauty essentials these days? I would love to hear!

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