Monday, February 18, 2013

what to pack: quick trip to California!

I've been prepping for a quick trip to California for a few weeks now, the packing list (and weather report!) seems to be changing everyday making me want to throw in the towel!  So far the temps call for 60's and honest: I don't even remember what 60's feels like.  Probably warm in the sun and cool when the sun goes down.

So I decided to pack mostly basics that can layer well in case the weather is cooler or warmer than expected.  And I am throwing my suit in just in case there is any chance at ALL that it is warmer than expected (hey, a girl has to dream, right?!?).

bottom, left to right: leather tote, topsiders, sunglasses, clutch

This should all fit super easy in a carry on! 
I may throw a pair of heels in at the last minute in case I am in a "fancy" mood once I get there! :)

{real life update... boo! apparently the LA area is getting bombed with an Alaskan winter storm or something this week... so our trip is officially postponed - who wants to go to LA and have it be cold and rainy?! Not me!  (sad face) but I couldn't help posting this packing list that I had worked on already!}

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