Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the mom wardrobe essentials! (winter edition)

I ran into a friend of mine the other day and we were both lamenting that if we see another mom in Lululemon pants, a North Face coat and Bogs at school pick up again we are going to scream!  Not that there is anything wrong with these individual pieces... BUT Lulu is for the gym, North Face is for camping and Bogs are for, well, I don't know what Bogs are for (a flood maybe?).  None of it will make you feel feminine and beautiful when you walk out the door though. Promise! You deserve to feel feminine and beautiful for the sake of yourself, your kids and your husband.

My friend confided in me that what to wear to the office or what to wear on a night out with the girls or what to wear to the gym is easy.  But the "mom" wardrobe essentials...? That one is trickier.  And I couldn't agree more.  The in between times or the "mom wardrobe" can be tricky.  It's what to wear while you accompany your little ones to ballet practice or tennis lessons, what to wear for running errands, what to wear when you are volunteering in your child's class and what to wear while making dinner. You want to look and feel great for these times, but there isn't a set uniform.

So today I am decoding the whole thing featuring pieces similar to what I wear for such occasions and most importantly pieces that are easy to mix-and-match and wash-and-wear that will also leave you feeling great about yourself all day.  And trust me... your husband will thank you.

1. bow scarf, cute and warm to throw on with any outfit.
2. denim jacket, a simple structured jacket is perfect for layering.
3. quilted vest, to keep warm or to add another layer of texture and interest to any look.
4. tee, have a few of these on hand, simple and bright colors will make any look pop.
5. coat, have a coat that is stylish on hand (yes, even when it's cold!).
6. sweater, perfect when paired with leggings for bopping around with the kids.
7. leggings, these work with boots and flats really well and are just as comfortable as yoga pants.
8. watch, a stylish piece that always makes you look pulled together (and on time!).
9. skinny jeans, I live in skinny jeans in the winter so that I can wear boots to keep me warm.
10. bow flats, so cute and comfortable... these offer a lot of 'wow' with even just a t-shirt
11. striped top, it's my uniform. It looks so cute and is easy to wear!
12. lip gloss, one swipe and you will feel better about yourself, promise.
13. boots, these are comfortable, warm and pulled together. Done and done.
14. tote, ditch the diaper bag and choose a large tote that works for you and your little ones needs.
15. & 16. simple necklaces, layer these with tees for a little dose of style without a lot of fluff.

What beside these pieces are your "mom" essentials?

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