Thursday, January 31, 2013

January... the DAMAGE.

Once upon a time I was going to be better about sharing purchases and my shopping budget here on the blog - for one because it helps make me accountable to my budget and two because you all said you are nosey, and want to know! :) And since it's a new year I thought I would give it another try.

I never have had a real shopping "budget". I just kind of know according to our accounts when I can shop and when I can't.  But this year I would like to be better about budgeting this monthly expenditure and I am working towards a $300 a month budget.  In some ways that sounds like a lot, but in others it doesn't. I don't have any "hobbies" or "crafts" that I spend money on. For me, it's clothes.  That's my hobby. Also it is my goal this year to work towards QUALITY over QUANTITY.  And with that in mind, making more investments in my wardrobe.

At the beginning of January I swore I wasn't going to shop after the deluge of Christmas. On that front I failed miserably.  But what can I say... sometimes a girl has got to shop!

Gap, stripe clutch, $29.95 at 30% off online was $20.97
Gap, pom pom hat, $24.95 marked down with 30% off was $4.78
J.Crew, schoolboy blazer in 'modern red', $198 marked down with 40% off was $59.99
Gap, navy striped top, $34.95 at 30% off online was $29.46
Gap, perfect oxford, $49.95 at 30% off online was $34.96 - RETURNED 
Gap, scarf, $29.95 at 30% off online was $20.97
Gap, red striped top, $29.95 at 30% off online was $20.97
J.Crew, grey and white marled sweater, $138 marked down with 50% off in-store was $45.00

Total: $ 325.04 (saved $298.60!!!) REVISED AMT. $290.08

I will be honest, I'm a little surprised I stayed mostly on budget. Some of my purchases this month were a little (ahem) emotionally driven. (winter blues!) But I focused on classic and versatile pieces that I will wear now and this spring. So, success.

I should say that it made me a little nervous posting this. Shopping is so personal - or the money part is. You know? What do you think of this series?

Please note that I never recommend 'charging' items or spending beyond your means, please shop responsibly.

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Pam Toigo said...

Thank you for your openness and honesty. Yes, it is a very personal subject, but it's easy to look at all of your delicious recommendations and think, "nice, but I can't afford that!" It's nice to know that a clothing budget is pritty common, and as hard as it may be to stick to it, it IS possible.


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