Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top 10 pieces of clothing to own this season... {beauty!}

Oops!  #7 isn't a type of clothing at all... but it does make sure you put your best face, or manicured finger, forward.  During the winter your skin can be parched, pale and let's face it... a little on the blah side. (or at least I know mine is!)  Just a few little beauty tricks and you will be glowing for holiday parties and completely whipping out the winter 'blahs.'

Cakes, cookies, candies and champagne... how can you go wrong with these lip glosses for the holidays? Maybe you'll even catch a kiss from Santa!

With New Years just around the corner, it's time to press re-set on skincare regime too. I definitely want to try this eye cream soon... it sounds amazing!

Red lipstick is definitely a must have! I'm loving this easy to apply pencil.

I am in love with all the atelier fragrances, this orange scent would be perfect for raising winter spirits.

Ever have a day when you can't choose between your blush and your bronzer? How about both? This is so genius!

This orange and glittery bubble bath is so indulgent and is one of my personal favorites for a soothing winter bath.

A little exfoliation goes a long way in the winter. This face wash gets used on the regular around here.

I just got one of these in my recent Birchbox and I absolutely love it.  It's the perfect little bit of shine for my face.

I rave about essie nail polish all the time, but I absolutely LOVE it. This little box is perfect to have on hand for all your holiday parties (and pick up an extra box or two for your gal pals too!).

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