Saturday, December 8, 2012

Real Girls Gift Guide! (Part 3)

I'm back to share more of my gal-pals gift ideas for this Christmas season.  I polled them to get a pulse on what the leading ladies in my life were wishing for and buying for their friends and family this year. I love that they give such practical gift ideas and that they are willing to share them with us!

Jen was my first friend at college... I arrived on campus not knowing a soul and we were quick and long lasting friends. She lives far away in Seattle now, but we are always close in heart.  She got little ones (three of them!) to buy for and an active husband.  Here's what is on her get-and-give list this year!

Her youngest is a girl with two older brothers... this year she is going to get spoiled a bit with some "girly toys".  This kitchen is so adorable! This is a great gift idea because then grandparents and aunts and uncles can chip in on little food sets to go with it - like this adorable Felt Food Sandwich SetIce Cream Scoop Set or even a Wooden Sushi  set!

My kids used to have these when they are younger... Leap Pads are great fun for little ones just starting to use gaming programs for the first time.  And there are super fun and educational games for them to play with as well.

Jen's husband is super active and adventurous... she's planning on some new snowboard gear for him! (sounds fun! I personally know nothing about snowboarding gear... but you can't go wrong with anything Burton, right Jen!?!)

Jen mentioned she got this gift a few years back... she wouldn't have ever bought it for herself but now can't live without it.  A great gift for someone on your list! It's Jen-Approved!

For the leading lady herself, she has a camera on her wishlist.  We bought this one for our family about 6 years ago and have NEVER regretted it. It's not cheap, but it's an investment in memories for sure!


Colleen is a book club pal of mine... she has a super creative spirit that I love and her gift ideas focus on local, creative and boutique finds. I just love her list!

The ultimate gift for any creative is a blank canvas.  She would love to find some fun painting supplies under the tree this year! (I think this brush set looks so cool!)

These are so beautiful and dainty and would be a fabulous gift for any mom, one for each child!

Colleen would love this adorable print for her craft room as a reminder would love this in a crafting room - a reminder that everyone's opinions on what she spends my time on is not important.  Craft away Colleen! :)

These are SO amazing and would be a really fun gift for any book lover.   

A monogram necklace is so classic and will be an instant heirloom.  The local boutique Dear Prudence has these... otherwise there are lots of online retailers that carry them as well!

Thanks again ladies for sharing!

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