Monday, December 10, 2012

mix & mingle: holiday party edition!

Confession... for the past (ohidon'tknow) 5 years we have had ZERO holiday parties to attend. I know, super pathetic right? Me being self employed, my husband working in the auto industry in a bad economy meant that there weren't company parties and having small kids just didn't lend itself to mistletoe and cocktail laden events around Christmas.  And pretty much I was fine with that.

HOWEVER, this year we have three little shindigs to attend with friends and co-workers (not my co-workers, mind you... I'm still a solitary endeavor over here).  None of them is over the top or any type of formal event... but I would still like to exude a fun and festive vibe at each event.

I'm challenging myself to use ONLY what I already have in my closet.  It's time to break out the gorgeous pieces I may (or may not) have splurged and invested in all year that I sometimes (yes, it's true) complain that I have no where to wear it to. Do you have those pieces too?

Here I pulled together some quick basics for holiday attire...

A black maxi skirt covered in sequins is a super rad piece. But if you don't have this exact skirt (or don't want to buy one)  you may already own a plain maxi skirt or a sequin mini skirt.  Pair it with a simple chambray top and a fun necklace and heels and you are set to go!

On Saturday night I took a simple LBD (little black dress) that I already owned and put a plaid top over it and tied it at the waist.  Then I put a pair of heels and a bold necklace on (I wore this one!).  Ta-Da! A simple and festive look!

A colorful pair of jeans or cords in velvet (or not) pairs perfectly with a fun sparkly top that you may already own! I love this burgundy pair of pants with a gold top.  Dress up the look with heels and a clutch and you take your everday colored bottoms to a fun and festive level!

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