Saturday, November 24, 2012

The REAL girls gift guides! (Part 1)

I am BEYOND excited (and thankful!) to bring to you gals the first installment of a very exciting project I have been working on behind the scenes for the holidays this year!  About a month ago I very nicely asked my girlfriends to share their Christmas lists right here on my blog.  They happily obliged!  I will be sharing these lists for the next couple of Saturday mornings so stay tuned each weekend.

I absolutely LOVE the awesome gift ideas they shared.  It's fun to get a non-blogger perspective in a sea of bloggers and these ladies are definitely keeping it real with the honest-to-goodness inside track on what they are giving this year and what they are non-so-secretly hoping that Santa will bring for them this year.

You are really going to enjoy their ideas and perspective...

Jenni is a brand spanking new mom (congrats Jenni!) and a very stylish lady.  Here is her thoughts on what to give/get this year!

This was on my SIL's list a few years ago, so when I picked some up for her, I also decided to try it out for myself. I'm completely hooked. I give them as gifts and keep a few for myself as well. 

Starbucks Gift Cards
Seems a little silly maybe, but I love Starbucks and hate paying $5/drink. Getting a gift card always makes my drink extra special knowing that it was from a friend or family member. I

I actually don't like getting clothes for Christmas because they almost never fit and or aren't my style. What I DO love are getting accessories. Last year I asked for gold bracelets and skinny belts. I was overloaded with them (in a good way!) and now have a great variety of pieces that I probably wouldn't have purchased had it been me buying it all.  
(shown; bracelets: top, middle, bottom. belts: glitter, green.)

 Christmas Dishes
Okay, this one makes me feel a little old, but my family (like many, I'm sure) has a particular set of "Christmas" dishes that everyone uses. They're fairly expensive so I love getting a new piece or two each year to add to the collection. (shown; round or square)

This one is mostly for my wish list to my husband. Throughout the year, I'll point out a purse in a catalog/magazine/etc. that I like, and then he'll select one so that it's still a "surprise". I actually got mine early this's a diaper bag (this one) that still reminds me of a purse.

GREAT tips Jenni... I love the idea of asking for accessories, so smart!


Next up...

Melissa is a fellow mom that I met in MOPS years ago and our kids go to school together! Here is her give and get list!

Baking Supplies from Joss & Main
My best girlfriend is a huge baker. This site is amazing. Full of unique idea's from home decor to apron's!  

Although I am going to have to settle for a knock off of these, I am hoping for a pair of good rain boots for my many trips through the woods down to school. 

I made these in MOPS last year and they are the one MOPS craft I use! Easy, fun, inexpensive gift. I am thinking of making them for my stylist, Bible study leaders....etc. 

  I would love a new camera for my little photography business. This is going on my list, although I may not receive this present for a while... 

   For the boys I would like to have a few month of "Wittlebee". In case you are not familiar you pay a flat rate of $40 per month and get a box of 7 items per month. You fill out a profile of what you are looking for and you can change it whenever you want. I did it for a month and loved the clothing I got. It would be nice for a grandparent to buy a few months as a gift, at least that is what I am hoping for! 

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