Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Dressing Room Diaries! (Old Navy)

I've been meaning to get over to Old Navy lately to check out a few pieces I had been looking at online but wanted to check out in person.  So when I popped in there the other day, I thought I would take pictures so you could join in the fun as well.

Dressing rooms tell no lie, am I right? Here are a few of the items I tried on and thoughts on them... to see all the pictures make sure you click on "read more" as there are a lot of them.  Or check out my last "Dressing Room Diaries" that featured J.Crew and Gap! (the photos are iPhone photos... so bear with me!)

Click the read more below to see all the pieces I tried on!

First things first... I didn't realize the mirror was SO dirty (thanks a lot Old Navy!) so excuse the weird flecks on my face, etc.

This is the Crepe Shift Dress and I had been checking it online and wondering the fit as it seems like such an easy and simple dress for the holidays.  The purple wasn't really 'my color'.... But I really liked the black (seen below).  What I love about this dress: the sleeves are a really flattering length, the dress was a good length and the neckline would be perfect with a statement necklace.  Also, the dress was lined which is nice.  This dress is definitely a winner.

I have been pining for the creamy white Rockstar Cords and really wanted to try them on... unfortunately my store didn't have them.  I will probably end up ordering them online. In the meantime I tried on the Rockstar Jeans in creamy white instead.  These would be adorable with boots or dressed up with pumps for winter.

A plaid shirt has been on my list for a while and I wanted to try the Old Navy Flannel Plaid on in person.  I'm glad I did because the sizing seemed to run a little small.  I settled on this white/red/green tartan pattern and even tried layering it a bit with this denim top.  The denim top ran a little big.  It's got a really nice thick feel to it.

This plaid top was a cute pattern too... all of these shirts are SO soft.  This is the xs and fits a little tight on the shoulders, as maybe you can see.  I randomly tried on these black pants as well.  Seems like I've been into black pants a lot lately (they go with everything!) and these are great.  They are the Skinny Ankle Pant and are offered in quite a few colors.  They fit like a dream and are really stretchy. 

Below is just another quick view of the plaid shirt and the black pants. These were both winners!

I definitely found a few gems on this trip! Have you been loving anything particular at Old Navy lately?

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