Thursday, October 4, 2012

what to pack: rome!

There are a lot of you gals jet-setting lately... and I just love to pull together packing lists!  So it's a win-win, no?  Today we have a little packing list for Ms. A who has been a long time reader and supporter of good life and I always love to hear about her travel plans because she travels to the most amazing places!  She will be traveling to Rome later this month and wants a super efficient wardrobe while she is there for lots of outdoor and family activities with maybe a night on the town thrown in there!

My suggestions for Rome include plenty of layers and easy to pack items... and of course black.  As they say, when in Rome (had to sneak that in there!)... black is not only extremely easy to wear and pack, it helps you blend in and look less touristy!

1. casual jeans for day or dressed up for night 2. a cozy sweater cape for chilly evenings 3. classic black pants 4. the perfect polka dot sweater (seriously, perfect) 5. a chambray top, a must for traveling! 6. striped dress for warm sunny afternoons 7. simple scarf like a true European! 8. a simple black dress 9. classic moto jacket, this one is gorgeous! 10. simple tees are great for layering or on their own 11. white cords, chic and classic 12. simple black sweater 13. earrings to dress up any look 14. red lipstick! so gorgeous! 15. red flats, so very Audrey in "roman holiday" 16. a necklace to dress up evening looks 17. sunnies 18. ankle boots 19. the perfect (and most gorgeous!) medium size purse

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