Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the curated closet! {Rule No. 2: go shopping with the intention of spending money}

In the last installment of 'the curated closet' we had a great discussion about sale racks.  My general rule is to avoid the sale racks... but there were lots of comments and opinions on both sides of the proverbial 'sale rack'.  I loved that everyone spoke up and shared their personal experience with clearance rackin' it or not.  If you missed that post... go check it (and the comments!) out for sure!

Today's epiphany I had while shopping with my husband recently.  Guys shop with precision accuracy (or at least my husband does) - it either works or it doesn't work, they either want the pants or they don't.  Am I right?  I'm going to take a lesson from the guys today.

Rule No. 2: Go shopping with the intention of spending money.

Rarely does a guy find himself in a dressing room surrounded by clothes he kind-of likes but doesn't need (or maybe can't even afford), wondering what should come home with him and what shouldn't.  (who has done this before? hands raised ladies! - including mine!) Ladies, we shouldn't do this either!

This all goes back to having a plan, which we touched on a bit last week.  But here is the deal ladies, when you head to the mall (or any shopping center) you need to be armed with two things... one, a plan on what your wants and needs are and two, a very clear knowledge of how much money you are looking to spend.  But never, never stop at the mall start trying stuff on and then work backwards into whether you need or want it or if you have the money to spend.  First, you will likely find yourself at the sale racks (a big no, no!) and then you will likely come home with something you don't love but like (kind of).  And second, you will likely have severe buyers remorse for spending money you didn't have or buying things you don't need.

Going shopping with the intention of spending money (not of 'saving a bunch' or 'getting a good deal') will also open you up to the idea of INVESTING in pieces.  It will remind you of the quality of clothing you should be bringing home from the mall, not the quantity.  My point is, when you are worrying about 'saving' money, it often makes you weary to spend the money you have budgeted for clothing.  Don't let that happen!


Here is a great example... for all you working ladies.  Say you have around $300 to invest in a few key pieces for your work wardrobe.  The pieces must be versatile and professional.  Instead of bopping in and out of Target, Express, J.Crew and Banana Republic and ending up with a random assortment of pieces from the sale racks... I suggest heading into your FAVORITE stores and let the salesperson know that you need work basics but you are on a budget.  Then ask for her suggestions (or take mine here).  These beautiful and classic pieces will be well worth the (wise) money spent! 

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