Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the curated closet! {Rule No. 1: don't shop the sale racks}

The Curated Closet is a series that has been brewing in my mind for a while... after I re-organized my closet this past summer I had a few HUGE 'ah-ha' moments not only about how I organize my closet, but how I dress in general.  That moment combined with the number of wardrobe consults I have done recently have given me big insight into not only how I think about clothes, but how other women think about clothes (don't worry, if you are a past wardrobe consult client... I'm not getting personal with your information, I'm just gleaning a few lessons for myself and readers, again: no personal information will be shared).

Today's lesson is the biggest and the best and for me is really my new philosophy and is one that I have found that has simply changed my whole philosophy on shopping.

Rule No. 1: Don't shop the sale racks.

Gasp. I said it. I say that you can live the good life on a budget and then say you can't shop the sale racks.  But the number one thing I hear from wardrobe consult clients is something like the following: 'I've shopped the sale racks for years and nothing in my closet goes together. It's all a mish-mash of clothes and I can never find anything to wear.' Sound familiar?  Yep, I was doing the same thing with the same results and I learned a few things...
  • Sale racks are full of the pieces that no one else wanted in sizes no one else wanted. You deserve better.
  • Shopping the sale racks is very unorganized, you can't do it successfully with a plan and not having a plan is a waste of money.
  • Sale racks are usually last seasons pieces and don't work well for the current season.  Saving these pieces for next season has a low chance of being beneficial as your style, your life or your body might change in 9 months from now.
  • The good news? You can still save money by shopping PROMOTIONS instead of sale racks.  Promotions are usually good deals on current season clothing.  Gap, Old Navy, LOFT and department stores do a good job of these kinds of "in season sales".  Find these deals by subscribing to their Facebook page or get on their emailing list.
Here is an example... say you have the following on your 'want' shopping-list this season: colorful jeans, boyfriend jeans, a printed top, a new blazer, a versatile blouse, a fun pair of flats and a scarf.  These are some of the hottest pieces of the season mixed with a few classics. At first glance it may look like this is outside of your reach... it could be upwards of $500, right?   Here I shopped some current promotions at Old Navy, Gap and LOFT and got all these goods for only:  $218.89!!!! 

How awesome is that!?!? A complete closet re-fresh for fall at only about $200.  Instead of spending $20 here and there on clearance or last seasons items... SAVE and compile your money to do a $200 stock up each season on pieces you LOVE (not pieces you kinda-like).

Now I'd love to hear from you! Do you shop this way already? Is this a new concept? Are you a guilty clearance shopper and have nothing to show for it (like I used to be!)? Do you have topics you would love to see featured in this series?


Kristen said...

Great tip! I hate sales racks! My OCD kicks in and I just get overwhelmed! They are so unorganized!

Alison said...

I'm just learning this myself! It is so much better to have a plan. I've got a master list of "wants" for my wardrobe listed from most important to least...it helps me feel less overwhelmed and save money! Plus, it is easy to pass the info on for birthdays and Christmas.

Tara Johnson said...

Totally agree! Sale racks are info overload and take way too much time to find one gem or nothing. Great tip! Thanks for the great posts each day! So Love the weeks worth of outfits. Have a great day!

Sabrina said...

Sale racks are energy suckers! Then when you're trying to dress from those clothes you become frustrated! Avoid!


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