Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Splurge: The basic (but beautiful!) black bag!

A reader emailed me recently that she is looking to invest in a basic, but beautiful, black bag this season.  Her max budget was $500... so all of these bags are in that price range.

When it comes to handbags, I'm a firm believer in splurging a bit.  Sure that means you will have less bags overall, but you will have great pieces that will last for years and years to come.  Here I pulled together four gorgeous investment bags that would be perfect in anyone's wardrobe.

I'm a huge J.Crew handbag fan now that I've owned the Tillary Tote for 6 months or so.  They are sturdy and beautiful bags with buttery leather.  

D&B is a classic heirloom bag... I remember my classmates in high school would borrow their moms D&B bags and we would all covet them!  This bag is a great investment bag and potentially one your teenage daughter will try to steal (the ultimate compliment, right?).

I love the option for the shoulder strap or the hand strap on this tote.  Plus, I'm a hands down huge Kate Spade fan.  You can never, never go wrong with a Kate Spade bag.

Again, an absolute classic by Coach that will last for years to come. I love a tote/open top type bag like this (as they carry just about anything!) and this classic shape is so pretty!

Do you invest in the 'handbag' market too?  If so, what are some brands you can't live without!?!

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Cate O said...

At that price, I would definitely go for Marc by Marc Jacobs or Rebecca Minkoff!


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