Wednesday, October 24, 2012

my outfit: new elevations!

This is the last of the Colorado pictures (sad face)... then I'll be back to regular "fall" looks... these were almost a peek of winter style as the temps in the mountains were considerably colder than here in Michigan now.

One piece of advice for dressing for winter? Lots of layers.  That is a 'duh' moment... but seriously... when shopping for winter clothing make sure the pieces you buy are layer-able both UNDER and OVER.  This sweater is the perfect example... it's not 'bunchy' or uncomfortable to have both a light layer over and under it.  That way I am super cozy... and stylish while not feeling like I can't move my arms.

And what about these boots? They are so rad... they were perfect (and REALLY warm!) for trekking around Breck and I can't wait to wear them all winter!  They are such a sassy version of a regular "ugg"-style boot.

(those 'tired' eyes are my 'elevation' eyes... the first day was terrible. uggh.  I quickly combatted the 10,000 feet with water, tylenol and lots of reading by the fire)

Boots, LAMO (c/o)
Vest, Gap (similar)
Sweater, Gap (similar)
Chambray, J.Crew
Ponte Leggings, Target (similar)

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