Tuesday, October 30, 2012

my outfit: borrowing from the boys!

If I haven't mentioned (i.e. confessed) here before that I couldn't get dressed each day without Pinterest.  Well, then let me admit to that right now.  Seriously, I get dressed from Pinterest.  Pretty much every day.  I re-pin looks that I find there that inspire me and I pin the looks I create here on this blog and then I go back and reference them either on my iPhone or my laptop while I am physically in my closet.

There, my secret is out.

So the other day I really wanted to pull off some version of this or this outfit... but unfortunately I didn't have a deep red top to do so with.  But then (major lightbulb moment) I remembered I had just purchased THIS top for my son (yes, so you see where this is going...).  So I just marched into his room and stole that little shirt out from under him.  Yes, I am stealing clothes from my 7 (almost 8) year old son.  It's true.  Since you can't see, I'll let you know that the sleeves were about 3/4 length.  I'll also let you know that I may do this again.

Blazer, American Eagle (similar)
Top, Old Navy {Boys}
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, Chromatic Gallerie (c/o)
Necklaces: Jeweled, Town & Reese (c/o, last year); Spikey, Mimi's the Look (c/o)


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