Wednesday, October 17, 2012

jgg's necessites! (my must have items these days...)

It's time for another installment of jgg's necessities... all the must haves I'm using and loving these days.

Now that the summer is over I've ditched the bronzer and am back to blushing.  This hue is perfect for a  'just fresh from the outdoors' glow.

These are going under my boots pretty much all the time.  SO cozy! (edited to add: these yellow ones are no longer available, but I love these too!)

I have a plaid scarf from Old Navy last year that is so warm I can't seem to take it off.  This one is Men's... but just as warm (and cool!), I'm sure.

These cords fit like a dream... I'm so smitten with them.  I really want one in every color, but these are my top three colors!

My nails start looking fierce (and not in a good way) once the weather cools... solar oil keeps them moisturized and helps guard agains nasty hang nails.

I'm in full candle burning mode. This scent is absolutely my favorite and has been for a while. mmmm....

What are your must haves these days?

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