Friday, October 26, 2012

don't miss this: VELVET for fall!

I usually take my trends a little slow (albeit, that still may be faster than others)... I like to think about it, run it around in my head a few times before hoping on with it.  But then there are times (like this) when I see a new trend and I pretty much have to RUN out to snatch it up as fast as I can.  When I saw velvet jeans in the J.Crew catalog recently I instantly swooned.  Velvet? Jeans? YES!

So you can imagine my delight when I recently found them at Target too (score!)*.  I snatched up a few pairs and am already in love with them.  They are extremely soft and comfortable to wear, they are quite warm (maybe even more so than jeans?) and let's face it they are pretty swanky too.  They can be dressed up by simply throwing on some heels and a blouse or worn more casual with a blazer and flats. I'll soon be showing you fun ways to wear them more here on the blog... but in the meantime, you might want to snag a pair (or two) for yourself! (and wouldn't you know it... I pretty want one of each of these here... such amazing colors!)

(from left: navy, red, peach, brown, leopard)

*unfortunately I can not find the Target ones online!

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