Wednesday, October 10, 2012

3 business casual looks that aren't business-boring!

I know that there are ladies who work in offices with a business or business casual dress code that read this blog... even though my style now is very mom/blogger/work-at-home, I can remember my days of dressing for the office!  So today's post is dedicated to you hard working ladies that are dedicated to looking good while doing it.

The key to simple and un-boring business casual outfits is easy (and it just so happens to be really on trend these days): COLOR!  That's right!  Simple color will take any business casual or business look to the next level.

Always invest in the basics for your work attire; suits, trousers, top, blazers and tops that stand the test of time are the true foundation of any office wardrobe.  But to add personality and flare add fun and colorful pieces to mix it up and keep it fresh!

(above: dress (love this!), blazer, necklace, bag, shoes)

(above: blush, skirt (swoon!), top, earrings, cardigan, pumps)

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Kristen said...

Agh...I deal with this problem everyday! Love live love the second look!


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