Thursday, September 13, 2012

jgg's necessities! (my must have items these days...)

A while back a reader left a comment asking if maybe I would share my "must haves" from time to time.  So I let the idea ruminate for a while and then "jgg's necessities" was born.  This series will be a fun one to feature the products that I use and love on a daily basis including current crushes or items in heavy rotation in my closet at the moment.

A lot of times writing content for this blog is on an inspiration basis (what inspires me or catches my eye)... this series will take that inspiration to a practical level.  I won't talk about it here unless I have actually tested it out and integrated it into my life.  Deal. Deal?

This has been my go to styling product for the summer... it's helped me get easy, beachy waves all summer (and I think I'll use it into the fall too!)

Who would of thought? This little tee has been an absolute staple in my wardrobe.  With leggings, jeans shorts or jeans, I wear this ALL the time! (I suggest buying a size up for a relaxed feel) I even wore it on my birthday night out (it's becoming like a second skin!) :)

I first found this cologne in my Birchbox a few months back and knew immediately I had to buy a full version.  This may be the scent I still wear when I am old and grey... it's musky and sweet and a little sexy.  (oh and it smells nothing like Vanilla, I don't even usually like Vanilla scents!)

I have already sung praises of these jeans here on the blog before.  But I wear them a lot (ahem, A LOT).  I like dressing them up and down and after being a die hard skinny jean lover (still am) for several years it feels good to have a looser pair of jeans on (that are still flattering!).

This watch is on loan from a dear friend (isn't that insanely sweet of her?).  Wearing it makes me think of her and smile.  Plus, this watch is SO beautiful and goes with everything!

Another Birchbox find!  This stuff is the best, it's super light weight has a 20 SPF and helps prolong my (quickly evaporating!) summer glow.  I've also used it a few times mixed with blush on my cheeks for a night out.

I think I have talked about this product before on the blog also.  But this stuff is inexpensive and a day doesn't go by where I don't use it.  Eye cream - hands down - is the number one thing that keeps me looking young.  I've tried the expensive stuff and still keep coming back to this.

This pair is similar to a pair I bought recently at Gap on super clearance.  I wear them a lot. I find that they go with everything and are casual but refined.

I've had this pair from Forever 21 for like 3 years - which is pretty awesome considering they were less than $6.  They have broken a few times and by the grace of God I have somehow fixed them each time.  This summer might have been the end of them, they aren't really sitting on my face very well anymore!  I'm thinking of (maybe!) splurging on these! (what do you think?) Or maybe I'll just buy another $6 pair!


Stacy said...

Love this round up! It's always so hard to find the perfect tee... Maybe I'll try this one! though one of my biggest problems, being a mom, is that once I find a great tee, it enevitably ends up with a stain. I'd love if you'd do a post on your laundry routine!

Kristen said...

Great finds!! I've been wearing the heck out of my basic t-shirts!


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