Thursday, September 13, 2012

My life via Instagram...

As usual, I'm snappin' (in a Z-formation - whoa! flash back!) over on Instagram (user: JillGG).  Morning, noon and night.  Seriously, what better way to document the small details of life?  I've found that Instagram makes me more aware of the little things that make me happy in life, the minutia of the day that is often easily passed by.  It celebrates the small moments like: 'hey I got my hair cut today and it feels amazing and I'm thankful for that', or 'yay the J.Crew catalog is here I can't wait to study it', or 'how cute are my kids at this moment'?

Here are just a few Instas...

Four things I am doing a lot of lately... 
cooking (my CSA is straight BOUNTIFUL this year)
soccer (LOVE!) 
packing lunches (these Rubbermaid Lunch Blox are the bomb) 
 bringing these sweet kids to and from school (they are cuter without the notebooks in front of their face, but well, ya know).  

I've been living in leggings lately... and my glasses (damn allergies).
This new J.Crew catalog is seriously to die for. So much inspiration!
Football Sunday's are back!  Did I mention I am a die-hard Lion's fan? (those lovable losers!)
Here was some clothing brainstorming for #FNO.  

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