Friday, August 24, 2012

weekend style!

It felt good to step away from the blog for a day... I've been so busy getting the kids ready for school and spending time with them before school starts that a day away from the blog went by in a blink (honestly I could use a few more!).  We have a super busy weekend ahead of us with a soccer tournament for my son and tons of other fun events in Grand Rapids this weekend... it's Greek Fest and the Metro Cruise.  Both things I'd like to at least stop by at some point this weekend (hello, uh Baklava anyone? plus, my kids are obsessed with classic cars).  So lots of fun to be had!

I'll be soccer mom to the max this weekend... there is nothing more exciting (and nerve wracking as a mom!) than watching his team play.  I'll probably be Instagraming all weekend too - (yes, Instagram now has it's own verb) so you can catch me there too... user: JillGG.

Enjoy your weekend! Summer is almost over so be sure to pack it full!

(above: tote, tank, shorts, chair - I need a soccer mom chair this stylish!, sunglasses, shoes)

It feels crazy to still be dressing in tanks and shorts when I'm SO ready for fall... but this weekend it's supposed to be hot after a few cool days.  So, that's just the way it goes, huh?

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