Friday, August 17, 2012

Top 10 pieces of clothing to buy this fall! {Part 10 - Polka dots!}

For 10 days I am counting down the top ten pieces you need in your closet this fall.  It will be one each weekday over two weeks...

Usually I produce this content in the form of a looks:book each season, but this season I am in the mood for something new!  Check back each (week)day as I count 'em down and make your fall shopping an absolute *snap!

Each day you can expect the following: a style or item highlighted at several price points, practical ways to mix up this style or item and other fun tips and tricks... then at the very end, I am debating rounding up the entire thing (if you are clamoring for more) in one handy checklist extravaganza.  Keep in mind, I always pull together my seasonal top 10s with items that I myself am going to be wearing in the new season... so nothing is over the top or too trendy.  It's all for the extraordinarily average gal like me, like us.


I can't believe that today wraps up this series... you gals have been loving it and I have had a blast bringing all these tips, styles and inspiration to you each day!  We are ending the series with a bang... polka dots of course! It seems none of us can get enough of them this season!

Now this series is all wrapped up... feel free to peruse all of the entries here for all your fall shopping needs!

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