Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New Arrivals: Old Navy Work Out Gear & Fall Preview!

As I mentioned last week... my current gym clothes were a wreck and badly needed replacing.   I usually buy gym clothes from Target, but the prices were better at ON, especially with the promotions, so I decided to try them out.  I'm glad I did! I found some fun pieces and saved a bundle of money!

Here's what I snagged...

From top, counter clockwise, I bought the following...
Polka Dot Sweater (obvs. this isn't to work out in! I previewed all the fall stuff, 
tried a bunch of stuff on, but only bought this so far)

So now for the final "damage"... I remembered seeing online that some of ON's active apparel was on sale (and when I got to the store the offerings were limited but a number of things were on sale).  I also had printed a 25% off my order coupon from online and had a $30 off reward coupon*.

The grand total for all SIX of these pieces was $59.03 (including taxes) with a savings of $63.51.  I was SO glad I did the Old Navy pieces instead of the Target pieces for the money I saved.  I would say that a little less than $50 (not including the sweater) for a new gym wardrobe is a great deal!

*I know I said we don't use CC's in this house but we do have Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic card, mostly because my husband buys all his work clothes from BN and we do most of the seasonal shopping for the kids there too so we reap the rewards and pay the card off each month.  These $30 bonuses that they send us is well worth having the card especially as we avoid any finance charges and there is no fee to have the card.  

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