Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dressing Room Diaries...

I know I've been a huge slacker on outfit photos... the past couple weeks have been nuts. Just absolutely no time for pictures.  But I hope to catch up on that whole situation very soon. Promise.

In the meantime I took a few photos (junky iPhone photos, albeit, 'photos' ) while out shopping for fall clothes this season.  So I thought I would share those here to tide you over :)

I know I talk about clothes a lot in "theory" here on the blog - but as we all know it's a WHOLE different story when you are in the dressing room with these items! Right!?! I'll just let you know my honest review of each item... then later I will reveal what I bought via a New Arrival post!

First stop J.Crew...
I wanted EVERYTHING in the store. But I knew I couldn't afford that.  So at J.Crew I went straight for a few items that I had kind of already had my eye on.

(above) The Tippi Sweater has long been a favorite.  I think I have four of them already. It was fun to try them on in the new colors of the season and this pink was GORGEOUS!  I'm also wearing the J.Crew Pixie Pant here.  I was pretty excited to try on this pant after I had styled it up here three ways.  My verdict on the Pixie Pant is that I really liked them.  The pros are that they are super thick and slimming and a really nice material for casual or dressy. I really liked the zipper in the back, I felt like it "sucked" me in.  The cons are I found the zipper hard to zip (my arms don't reach back there!?!) but I'm sure this would get easier as the pants break in a bit.  The other con is that I have been eating all summer (you have to eat to live) and I haven't been working out.  So tight pants aren't really my friend right now :)

(above) Again I am in the J.Crew Pixie Pant and this time the green Tippi Sweater.   Such a pretty color.  Why does J.Crew always get it SO right (I mean... couldn't they just get it 'kind of' right?)

Next up was the Gap... 
It was their Friends and Family sale so I had a 40% off coupon and I was ready to do some serious shopping... and trying on!

(above) I have had my eye on the ponte blazer and the ankle zip jeans since they hit the website. I really liked the blazer; it has great structure and is fully lined.  This blazer is a really great value for the price.  The ankle zip jeans were the 'legging' jean style and I felt like they could have been a little thicker for fall/winter.  But the pro is that the colors available in this style were amazing!  This sweater was an gorgeous and really soft - this sweater is also available in grey and navy, both equally pretty.  This sweaters is five stars in my book.  Basic but beautiful.  The one I am wearing here was a tad big (they were out of my size) so I would say the sizing is true.  And lastly the loafers were a dream... I seriously want one of each pair.    These anchor loafers were all they had in the store in my size but SO cute though.

(above) I am wearing the Terry Moto Jacket which I really liked, but it does run big (you might notice I look like I am swimming in this one).  I would order a size down or if you are an XS like me order in the petite sizing.  This jacket has great structure and I love the zippered cuffs.  Also it is thicker and sturdier than the Terry Moto Jacket from last season (which I own in black). I am also wearing this green sweater (I liked, not loved it) and the Always Skinny jeans which have long been a favorite of mine.  My store had a ton of really cool distressed skinny jeans (you know I love a distressed jean!) but I can't find any of them online. 

(above) Again I am wearing the ponte blazer (in a different size & color).  This striped sweatshirt was another favorite of mine, it was very structured (not sloppy) and slim fitting so for a sweatshirt it's about as flattering as it gets.  The jeans I am wearing are the Sexy Boyfriend fit.  The jeans were to.die.for. I love that these boyfriend jeans are tapered at the ankle.  I own the Old Navy Boyfriend and they aren't tapered like this.  These were all around a fantastic fit and were available in a few really attractive denim washes.

Let me know if you have any questions! I tried SO much stuff on (more than just shown here)... the Gap and J.Crew have amazing fall lines!

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I love this post! great behind the scenes of the process we all go through. :)


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